Blind Cricket Ashes
More to it than meets the eye

How is the Blind cricket match played?

The game of Blind Cricket played at international level is a fast, high scoring, attacking game with scores over 300 in a 40 over game very common.
All players must be able to score at least a run a ball, bowl a good line and field the ball as it flies to all parts of the ground. Being an all -rounder is an essential ingredient when playing for Australia.
Due to the varying eye sight conditions, there are three categories of players, with B3 having vision of 6/60 or field of less than 10 degrees, B2 vision of 2/60 or field of less than 5 degrees, and B1 no vision at all.

B1 players receive two runs for every run they score. A team must have a minimum of four B1 players.
The bowling has to be underarm and the international ball to be used in this series is made of a hard white plastic and is a similar size to a regular cricket ball with ball bearings in it so sound can be released. The series includes 5 one day matches, with the overall winner being the best of five matches. The rules of the match have been approved by Cricket Australia and the World Blind Cricket Council.